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The Alliance of Hispanic Commercial Contractors (AHCC) was created to leverage the fast growing and impactful Hispanic population.

By 2060, Hispanics will be the majority and today, they are opening businesses at 15 times the national average, predominantly in the Construction and Building and Materials Industries. Latinos comprise a large portion of the workforce on these job sites and Latinos subs and contractors, are often part of these teams. Yet, many Hispanic entrepreneurs, although innovative and hard-working, are unfamiliar with our construction laws and procurement practices as well as having very little understanding of surety bonding and other financial commitments. This lack of knowledge is increasing your risk and preventing their growth, and in turn YOUR growth.

For more than a decade, we have been searching for the right partners to launch an organization to focus on promoting the growth, prosperity and participation of Hispanic Commercial Contractors in procuring commercial and government contracts through education, training and guidance, especially with regard to surety, finance, banking, estimation, scheduling, project management, contract law and safety. Together Veronica Cool, Hispanic Strategist and Entrepreneur, along with Vanessa Lopez and Karen Barbour, of The Barbour Group, a strong advocate for small businesses, the AHCC was founded.

We invite you to join TODAY to support the building of a strong, financially sound and well-equipped pool of subcontractors and partners. You will also enjoy the benefits as a Partner of the AHCC that will engage hands-on with a local pool of Latino contractors. Become an AHCC Member TODAY and enjoy the following benefits:

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